This petite, young woman from Utrecht has a bigger voice than you would expect! She sings mostly old jazz standards, but mixed with easy listening and pop. ‘Sophie Melody’ has already here 9th anniversary this year!

  • Mostly she’s singing solo. So now and then she’s walking around while singing. This easy going background music is a great plus for any diner, reception or businessmeeting.
  • Do you want a better live experience? She can come by with her guitarist –¬†Wouter van Dijk.¬†They play together for over four years now. With a loopstation and a kazoo they know how to entertain. Preference for a pianist? Thats also possible off course.
  • Do you wanna dance all night long? Ask about theSophie Melody Band. A complete liveband who combines jazz with pop, soul and new orleans music.

Next to private diners, (wedding)parties etc., she also works together with buisinesses like:

  • Rabobank
  • ING
  • Nyenrode Business School
  • Restaurant De Hoefslag*
  • Winebar Stuyvesant
  • Winebar VinVin